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Stardust 0.9.6


Stardust 0.9.6 新版本点式3D星尘粒子特效中文安装介绍


02.复制Stardust_effect.aex到AE软件目录\Support Files\Plug-ins\Superluminal\Stardust替换

After Effects CC, CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2016, CC 2017 (Win)


【Stardust 0.9.6 新功能】
• Source Node – New node to create a source, e.g a layer to be used in several particle systems.
• Replica – Added “Flow” Replica type, that creates flow looking particle replicates.
• Reflections – Added an environment layer that can reflect off of Rectangular / Textured particles.
• Obj Surface emitting – Emit particles from the surface of a 3D Model.
• Textured Particle Use Alpha / Lightness , mix the colour from the particle with the alpha / lightness of the source texture.
• Maps – Added sample quality and more control options.
• Noise channel – Use turbulence generated noise on other nodes.
• Helpers – Added visual cues for some nodes.
• Presets – Added New Presets for Replica Flow, HUDs, Grid and more.

【Stardust 0.9.6 新修复】
Fixed a crash related to Light emitter.
• Fixed an issue with Air Density mixed with zero speed particles.
• Fixed an issue with Mask / Text Layer transforms.
• Fixed an issue with reverse time-remap on layer / comp.
• Fixed an issue with motion blur and key-frames.
• Fixed an issue where Line graph would not update after change.
• Fixed an issue where wrong parameters would be displayed.
• Cleanup param names.


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