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2013年3月 19日, — MAXON,电影、广播和图形艺术行业专家所使用的领先软件 CINEMA 4D 开发者,今天宣布与Adobe系统有限公司进入战略合作伙伴关系联盟,以进一步为运动图形和视觉特效行业提供新一级别数字媒体内容创建提供创意。作为合作的一部分,两家公司都在Adobe®After Effects®软件和CINEMA 4D之间合作设计流程,为用户提供一个无缝的2D/3D基础。

“CINEMA 4D 是领先业界的3D解决方案,因为它的易用性、速度、稳定性和与二维合成应用程序的密切集成,每一个After Effects用户都知晓并且喜爱它,”MAXON计算机股份有限公司公司创始人、首席执行官 Harald Egel说道,“我们期待着继续与我们的程序和市场团队持续合作,以确保确保我们软件产品的互操作性为艺术家们寻求便捷、充分的3D整合生产流程做出积极的影响。”

“Adobe After Effects具有20年为运动图形和视觉效果软件设定标准的历史,”Adobe After Effects高级产品经理Steve Forde说道。“与像MAXON这样市场领先的3D图形程序合作,将进一步加快After Effects用户创造引人入胜的体验。“




MAXON Announces Strategic Alliance with Adobe to Bring Creative Professionals New Levels of Digital Media Content Creation.

FRIEDRICHSDORF, GERMANY — March 19, 2013 — MAXON, the developer of CINEMA 4D, a leading 3D animation software for film, broadcast and motion graphics professionals, today announced it has entered into a strategic alliance with Adobe Systems Incorporated to further collaborate on technology that provides creatives in the motion graphics and visual effects industry with new levels of digital media content creation. As part of the alliance, both companies are expected to collaborate and engineer a pipeline between Adobe® After Effects® software and CINEMA 4D to give users a seamless 2D/3D foundation.

“CINEMA 4D is a leading 3D solution, and the one After Effects users have come to know and love because of its ease-of-use, speed, stability and especially tight integration with the 2D compositing application,” said Harald Egel, co-founder and CEO, MAXON Computer GmbH. “We look forward to continued collaboration between our programming and marketing teams to ensure that the interoperability of our software products makes a positive impact on artists seeking to easily and fully integrate 3D into their production pipelines.”

“Adobe After Effects has a 20-year history of setting the standard for motion graphics and visual effects software,” said Steve Forde, senior product manager for After Effects at Adobe.  “Collaborating with a market leader in 3D graphics programming like MAXON will further accelerate how After Effects users create rich engaging experiences.”

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国外视频设计师 博客文章

今天(2013年3月19日),Adobe宣布,它正在与MAXON CINEMA 4D的制造商签订了战略联盟。


After Effects的CINEMA 4D的作品真的很好。CINEMA 4D与After Effects的作品真的很好。目前这两个应用程序之间的互操作性存在,但在最基本的层面上,没有真正谈论彼此的方式,是超级生产力。

  • 我是一个巨大的信徒在一个简单的哲学 – “做你所知道的,它是最好的”。在这种想法的手与手意味着你不这样做了一大堆的东西,你不知道。这种关系公告中,有两家公司专注于他们做什么是最好的。

Adobe和MAXON的同盟关系使我们能够在After Effects和CINEMA 4D的共同努力,现在和未来是非常有创意的。MAXON和Adobe都照顾得很深约我们各自的用户,看到了巨大的机会方面的工作流程,节省时间和创造性的灵活性。



After Effects and CINEMA 4D

By: Steve Forde

I am super excited about this one – it’s been in the works for quite some time, and I finally get to share a few details.

Today, Adobe announced it is entering into a strategic alliance with MAXON, the makers of CINEMA 4D.

Here’s why we’re doing it:

After Effects works really well with CINEMA 4D. CINEMA 4D works really well with After Effects. The current interoperability exists between these two applications but, at a fundamental level, don’t really talk to each other in a way that’s super productive.

I’m a HUGE believer in a simple philosophy – ‘do what you know, and be the best at it’. Hand in hand with this idea means that you DON’T do a whole lot of stuff you don’t know. With this relationship announcement you have two companies who focus on being the very best at what they do.

The alliance between Adobe and MAXON allows us to be very creative in how After Effects and CINEMA 4D work together now and in the future. Both MAXON and Adobe care very deeply about our respective users and see great opportunities in terms of workflow, time savings and creative flexibility.



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